New stable release: HardenedBSD-stable 10-STABLE v42.1

HardenedBSD-10-STABLE-v42.1 -

Oliver Pinter (3):
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/freebsd/10-stable/master' into hardened/10-stable/master
HBSD: fix merge conflict in libexec/rtld-elf/rtld.c
HBSD: fix merge conflict in etc/rc.d/abi

Oliver Pinter + (1):
Merge branch 'freebsd/10-stable/master' into hardened/10-stable/master

bdrewery (15):
MFC r295976:
MFC r295977:
MFC r295980:
MFC r295994,r296000:
MFC r296002,r296012:
MFC r295161,r296014:
MFC r296286,r296470,r296472,r296473,r296575:
MFC r296322:
MFC r296122:
MFC r296554:
MFC r296148:
MFC r294878:
MFC r294873:
MFC r268620,r294876,r294877:
MFC r295416:

dchagin (1):
MFC r296542: Load linux64 module for amd64 if Linux abi enabled.

des (1):
MFH (r296633): upgrade to 7.2p2 (fixes xauth command injection bug) MFH (r296634): re-add aes-cbc to server-side default cipher list MFH (r296651, r296657): fix gcc build of pam_ssh

dim (2):
Pull in r219512 from upstream llvm trunk (by Hal Finkel):
Add patch corresponding to r296800.

kib (6):
MFC r257811 (by markj): Include rtld itself when iterating over loaded ELF objects in dl_iterate_phdr(3).
MFC r295488: Finish r173600. There is no need to test a condition if both cases result in the same value.
MFC r295489: Remove useless checks for NULL before calling free(9), in the kernel elf linkers.
MFC r295352: Do not call vn_fullpath(9) (through the pmc_getfilename() wrapper) when its result is immediately ignored, i.e. for kernel processes forked from the user process. Do not test for non-null before freeing string.
MFC r295391: Remove the assert which outlived its usefulness.
MFC r295407: Make libc __pthread_map_stacks_exec() interposed.

ngie (15):
MFC r295118:
MFC r295119:
MFC r295121:
MFC r295341,r295345:
MFC r294894:
MFC r295079:
MFC r294899:
MFC r293434:
MFC r293436:
MFC r293437:
MFC r293438:
MFC r293441:
MFC r293442:
MFC r293443:
MFC r294891: