The HardenedBSD Team

The core HardenedBSD team consists of:

The HardenedBSD Foundation consists of:

  • Shawn Webb
  • George Saylor
  • Ben Welch
  • Ben La Monica
  • Dean Freeman
  • Jordan Boland
  • Christian Severt

The developer team consists of:

  • Bernard Spil {bernard.spil [at]}
  • Franco Fichtner {franco.fichtner [at]}
  • Piotr Kubaj {piotr.kubaj [at]}
  • Shawn Webb

The following people and organizations have contributed to the HardenedBSD project:

  • Bryan Drewery {bdrewery [at]}
  • Dag-Erling Smørgrav {des [at]}
  • Danilo Egea Gondolfo {danilo [at]}
  • David Carlier (devnexen [at]
  • Hunger {hunger [at]}
  • Ilya Bakulin {ilya [at]}
  • Nathan Dautenhahn
  • Robert Watson {rwatson [at]}
  • Automated Tendencies - Substantial monetary donation
  • BlinkinBlox, Inc - Package syncing service
  • Hyper6 - Designed logo
  • SoldierX - Donated a sparc64 and a BeagleBone Black and continual project advocacy

The following people have retired from the HardenedBSD project:

To contact us, please email a member of the core team. Additionally, you can find us on the FreeNode IRC network.