New stable version: HardenedBSD-stable HardenedBSD-11-CURRENT v46

HardenedBSD-11-CURRENT-v46 -

Oliver Pinter (5):
opBSD: properly initialize logging
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
HBSD: fix merge conflict in sys/cam/ctl/ctl.c
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
HBSD: update OP-HBSD kernel config

Oliver Pinter + (70):
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master

Shawn Webb (12):
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
HBSD: Remove HYPERV From HARDENEDBSD kernel config.
HBSD: Introduce PIEified base.
HBSD: Use the default ASLR deltas for ARM64.
HBSD: Enable PIEified base for ARM64.
HBSD: Default to HARDENEDBSD kernel in release.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
HBSD: Introduce RELRO + BIND_NOW to base.
HBSD: Bump __HardenedBSD_version to 46.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master
HBSD: Fix typo in hardening(4).
HBSD: Better support PPC64.

adrian (36):
[net80211] add back in the ff/superg node init call that I accidentally deleted.
[net80211] log the node pointer when calling ht node init/cleanup
[net80211] unconditionally do A-MPDU RX aging.
[net80211] correctly (i hope, wow) do a ticks comparison to limit A-MPDU attempts
[urtwn] use/track the last good RSSI for a given node, rather than no RSSI.
Only compile the FDT bits when we are using FDT.
[urtwn] set the A-MPDU density to 16.
undo previous commit - WIP was committed by accident.
[net80211] put in a comment about the not-quite-correctness of A-MPDU parameters.
[urtwn] default to announcing RX 64K aggregates.
Add VHT power envelope parsing to ifconfig.
[bhnd] Add support for specifying the address space used by bhndb children
[bhnd] Clean up bhnd resource handling and inherited bus methods
[bhnd] Standardize bhnd device tables and quirk matching.
[bhnd] Add a common bhnd_pci driver shared by both bhnd_pcib and bhnd_pci_hostb
[bhnd] Update bhndb format strings to match long -> rman_res_t size change.
[bhnd] use correct bus deallocation method
[iwn] fix firmware command use in iwm_auth().
[bhnd] Fix ChipCommon probing.
[iwm] restart the VAP if there's a firmware panic.
[net80211] add an ioctl for LDPC configuration.
[net80211] add STBC capability flags to iv_flags_ht.
[net80211] add the STBC ioctl support.
[ifconfig] add STBC TX/RX configuration
[ath] obey the STBC flag setting in iv_flags_ht
[ath] add LDPC capability support and LDPC RX support.
[iwm] add extra transmit setup/completion logging so I can see what's going on.
[iwm] implement suspend/resume through ieee80211_{suspend,resume}_all
[mips] correctly represent memory region allocations >> 2^^31
[net80211] handle action frames in adhoc mode from the node that created the BSS.
[net80211] fix indenting.
[ath] Add counters for STBC TX and LDPC TX.
[ath] turn the BA hardware bug back into a printf().
[ath] Add LDPC transmit support.
[ath] initialise do_ldpc to 0.
[iwn] fill in the TX command rate info flags consistently.

ae (13):
Fix the problem, when gpart(8) can't write both bootcode and partcode in one command due to wrong file size limit. Do not use bootcode size to calculate partsize limit. Also add report message about successful partcode writing.
Fix output formatting of O_UNREACH6 opcode.
Move several functions related to opcode rewriting framework from ip_fw_table.c into ip_fw_sockopt.c and make them static.
o Teach opcode rewriting framework handle several rewriters for the same opcode.
Adjust some comments and make ref_opcode_object() static.
Change the type of 'etlv' field in struct named_object to uint16_t. It should match with the type field in struct ipfw_obj_tlv.
Add External Actions KPI to ipfw(9).
Constify mbuf pointer for IPSEC functions where mbuf isn't modified.
Remove stale function declaration
Handle non-compressed packets for IPComp in tunnel mode.
Use ipsec_address() function to print IP addresses.
Fix build for NOINET and NOINET6 kernels.
Make create_object callback optional and return EOPNOTSUPP when it isn't defined. Remove eaction_create_compat() and use designated initializers to initialize eaction_opcodes structure.

allanjude (7):
A new implementation of the loader block cache
Unbreak the build if you enable WITH_NAND
Add a new installation type to bsdinstall/zfsboot: BIOS+UEFI
Fix pc98 build error introduced in r298230
Link bcache into, was not added in r298230
Add more guards to disable GELIBOOT by defining LOADER_NO_GELI_SUPPORT
Fix more pc98 build issues re: bcache change

andrew (18):
Increase the arm64 kernel address space to 512GB, and the DMAP region to 2TB. The latter can be increased in 512GB chunks by adjusting the lower address, however more work will be needed to increase the former.
Document the memory ranges within the kernel region to help with debugging to track down which region an address is from.
Set the upper limit of the DMAP region to the limit of RAM as was found in the physmap. This will reduce the likelihood of an issue where we have device memory mapped in the DMAP. This can only happen if it is within the same 1G block of normal memory.
Fix the types for the start, end, and count arguments to arm_gic_fdt_alloc_resource. These were the old u_long where they should be rman_res_t. Both of these are the same size on arm64 so this is just for correctness, and would not have led to incorrect behaviour.
Sort so pic_if.m is in the correct location with the other kern files.
Add initial GICv2m support to the arm GIC driver. This will be used to support MSI and MSI-X interrupts, however intrng needs updates before this can happen.
Add a flag field to struct gic_irqsrc and use it to mark when we should write to the End of Interrupt (EOI) register before handling the interrupt. This should be a noop as it will be set for all edge triggered interrupts, however this will not be the case for MSI interrupts. These are also edge triggered, however we should not write to the EOI register until later in arm_gic_pre_ithread.
Rename ARM_INTRNG and MIPS_INTRNG to INTRNG. This will help with machine independent code that needs to know about INTRNG such as PCI drivers.
Pull the MSI/MSI-X handling functions out to help with INTRNG integration.
Pull out the MSI/MSI-X handling calls to simplify future intrng integration.
Group the ThunderX PCIe PEM newbus methods to help find them.
Make the GIC SGI global variables static, they are only ever used within within this file.
Use the yield instruction in the arm64 cpu_spinwait. This instruction is a hint to the hardware the software is not performing a task.
Stop using sbrk in csh. This is a legacy interface and its use within csh is invalid. It is used to find the size of allocated memory. As malloc may allocate memory with mmap it will fail to take this memory into account.
Stop including machine/fdt.h from the fdt uart code, it's unneeded.
Disable ACPI on arm64 ad it has only had minimal testing and is causing boot issues when booting with FDT. It is planned to re-enable this at a later date.
Stop using sbrk(2) with malloc. This helps reduce the number of places within the tree where we call this legacy interface.
Add a MULTIDELAY option to allow the ARM kernel to have multiple DELAY implementations. Early in the boot the kernel will use an approximate, however after the timer has been probed it will switch to a more accurate implementation.

anish (1):
Allow guest writes to AMD microcode update[0xc0010020] MSR without updating actual hardware MSR. This allows guest microcode update to go through which otherwise failing because wrmsr() was returning EINVAL.

araujo (72):
Apply revisions 1.4 and 1.5 from ldapd's ber.c to ypldap's copy, so it can deal with messages that haven't been fully read from the server yet.
Convert ypldap_addr list to a tailq(queue(3)).
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers. fopen(3) returns a FILE pointer, otherwise NULL is returned.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
Initialize pointer with NULL instead of 0.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers and memory allocation. malloc and realloc will return NULL pointer if it can't alloc memory.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
Use nitems instead of 'sizeof(mapnames) / sizeof(mapnames[0]'.
The malloc will return NULL if it can't allocate memory.
Use NULL instead of 0.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
Use NULL for pointers.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
User NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
strchr(3) will return NULL if it cannot find the character in the string. getfsent(3) will return NULL on EOF or error.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
User NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
Use NULL for pointers instead of 0.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
Use NULL for pointers instead of 0.
Use NULL instead of 0.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
getfsent(3) will return NULL on EOF or error.
malloc will return NULL if it cannot allocate memory.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
Use nitems() instead of sizeof(name) / sizeof(*name).
Use nitems() from sys/param.h.
Use nitems() from sys/param.h.
Remove redundant parenthesis.
Use nitems() from sys/param.h.
Use nitems() from sys/param.h.
Use nitems() from sys/param.h.
Use nitems() from sys/param.h.
Use nitems() from sys/param.h.
Use nitems() from sys/param.h.
Use nitems() from sys/param.h.
Use nitems() from sys/param.h.
Use nitems() from sys/param.h.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers. Small cosmetic change.
Re-ident lines.
Partially revert the change on r298325 where there is an (-1) casted to a pointer.
Simplify the get_type() function.
Fix a missing blank space.
Use MAX() from sys/param.h.
Use MIN()/MAX() macros from sys/param.h.
Use macro MAX() from sys/param.h.
Use macro MAX() from sys/param.h.
Use macro MAX() from sys/param.h.
Use MIN() macro from sys/param.h.
Use macro MAX() from sys/param.h.
Use macro MAX() from sys/param.h.
Use roundup2() macro from sys/param.h.
Use MIN()/MAX() macros from sys/param.h.
Use MIN() instead of MAX() as the previous syntax was wrote in a weird and confused way: "prec > 9 ? 9 : prec".
Use macro MIN() from sys/param.h.
Use MIN() macro from sys/param.h.
Use macro MIN() from sys/param.h.
Use MIN() macro from sys/param.h.
Use MIN() macro from sys/param.h.
For pointers use NULL instead of 0.

arybchik (1):
sfxge(4): do not use RxQ index as label

asomers (14):
Fix an intermittent bug in sbin/devd/
Fix rare double free in vdev_geom_attrchanged
Update a debugging message in vdev_geom_open_by_guids for consistency with similar messages elsewhere in the file.
Add more debugging statements in vdev_geom.c
Don't corrupt ZFS label's physpath attribute when booting while a disk is missing
Add the ability to read a SAS device's Target Port NAA designator
Notify userspace listeners when geom disk attributes have changed
DRY on buffer sizes. Update to r298420.
Add ATF tests for usr.sbin/extattr
Add GEOM::physpath documentation to devd.conf(5)
Add PACKAGE fields to usr.sbin/extattr/tests/Makefile
Refactor vdev_geom_attach and friends to reduce code duplication
Automate the subr_unit test.
Fix a use-after-free when "zpool import" fails

avg (12):
zio: align use of "no dump" flag between use_uma and !use_uma cases
[amd64] dtrace_invop handler is to be called only for kernel exceptions
Revert r297396 Modify "4958 zdb trips assert on pools with ashift >= 0xe"
l2arc: make sure that all writes honor ashift of a cache device
re-enable AMD Topology extension on certain models if disabled by BIOS
zfs: enable vn_io_fault support
zfs_rezget: z_vnode can not be NULL if zp is valid
MFV r298471: 6052 decouple lzc_create() from the implementation details
lahf/sahf are supported on some amd64 processors
ensure that initial local apic id is sane on AMD 10h systems
fix missing variable in r298736
add invpcid instruction to i386 dtrace disassembler tables

avos (13):
libc: do not include where was already included
net80211: do not reschedule scan_curchan_task() if the scan was canceled.
net80211: replace internal LE_READ_*/LE_WRITE_* macro with system le*dec / le*enc functions.
net80211 (trivial, noop): remove duplicate check from hostap_recv_mgmt()
net80211: provide descriptions for reason codes
net80211: hide subtype mask & shift in function call.
net80211: enable promiscuous mode state change for non-monitor/ahdemo modes
net80211: refresh comments for ieee80211_scan_next() and ieee80211_scan_done().
urtwn: optimize rate lookup in the urtwn_ra_init()
net80211: provide a set of ieee80211_add_channel*() functions
wpi: remove unused variable.
net80211 + drivers: hide size of 'bands' array behind a macro.
wpi: convert to ieee80211_add_channel() (mostly noop).

bapt (120):
Import sqlite3
Merge from HEAD
if BUILD_PKGS is set add sha256 hash into the metalogs
Tag the mtree with the targets of the packages:
Also tag the modules
Add a awk script to convert the metalog output into plist Splitting according to tags
Add a packages/ subdirectory which will contain the metadata for packaging base Add a first example to package the kernel
Add a new kernel-pkgs target to create pkg(8) packages from the kernel
Remove the verbose flag from pkg invocation as it is not in pkg releases yet
Plug kernel-pkgs target to the list of valid targets
Running kldxref after the kernel installation is useless given it will be done at reboot
Rerunning kldxref after installing the kernel is still needed as rc.d/kldxref will happen too late
Add a user message to explain what package is being created
Respect DESTDIR when running make distrib-dirs with -DNO_ROOT
Ensure make distribute respects DESTDIR
Ensure make distributeworld respects DESTDIR
Remove remnants from texinfo
Revert r278453 we in the end won't use make distributeworld
Revert r278451 and r278454
Add a new target make stageworld which basically does the same job as: make installworld distribution but preparing the mtree the same way distributeworld does and respecting -DNO_ROOT
Tag the metalog with a global default sets of tags that will be used to decide what will go in which package, more finer grain tagging to come
Merge from HEAD
Makes it more flexible to tag and define a target package
Merge from head
Install libraries in the runtime package by default
Improve mtree to plist converter
If the package is "runtime-something" rename into "something"
Add new create-world-packages target to generated the packages out of world
Simplify and clean awk script
Make FreeBSD-bhyve an indivual package
Tag examples with targetted packages
Make svn an individual package
Convert tagged directories in mtree into their plist form
Allow to tag the METALOG per file group
Make unbound an individual package
Add libunbound to the unbound package
Support a config tag to flag a file that should be merge on upgrade
Make acpi an individual package
Make at(1) and related tools an individual package
Add the at(1) directories into the at package
Move syscons support files into a separate package
Do not flag .so symlinks not starting with lib as development, they are most of the modules to be dlopened
Move ssh into a dedicated package Flag config files as "to be merged on upgrade"
Merge from head
Append the FILESGROUP rather than overriting
Create a "packages" target takes care of all the magic
Directly use bmake's ':gmtime'
Merge from head
Detect ABI based on what would be packaged
Prevent targets being run twice for SCRIPTS
Now that pkg create can directly accept both a file and a plist in command line, directly use it
Add support for lib32 packages
Fix printing the package name when creating
Always cleanup remnant plist in destdir if any
development and profile are special tags and should always be the last component of the name if present
Add a bsdinstall package
Add a bsnmp package
run pw_mkdb and cap_mkdb at post-installation for cross installation the version from the host would be run but the generated files will be on the target respecing the endianness of the target
Merge from HEAD
Make scripts cross installation friendly
Import sqlite3 3.8.9
Merge from head
Merge from HEAD
Merge from head
Fix script syntax
Merge from head@274131
Move clang binaries into FreeBSD-clang package
Move tests into a single FreeBSD-tests package
Add a bunch of new packages, in particular binutils and groff
Move gdb into its own package
Merge from head @274131
Merge from head
Rename kernel-pkgs into create-kernel-packages to be consistent with world
Finish merging from head, messed up in previous attempt
Merge from head
Remerge as previous one was broken
Add a makefile that for some reason did not went through the merge.
Remove extra space badly merged
Add missing tag for debug files
Merge from head
Merge from head
Create a dedicated package for dma
Fix typo
Fix bad merge
Print error messages to stderr
Use pipe2(2) to directly set the close-on-exec flags directly
Directly set the O_CLOEXEC flags via the open(2) attributes
Fix a mandoc -Tlint warning
Use the SOCK_CLOEXEC flags in the socket(2) 'type' attribute instead of calling fcntl(2)
Rework collation generation:
Replace generated maps with maps extracted from CLDR for GB3212 and eucCN
Really stop converting map from UTF-8 to GB2312
Readd the zh_hant_HK.UTF-8 removed by accident
Regenerates locales Makefiles and locales
Complete the Obsoletefiles entries
Do not forget to set the destination directory for the new collation
Regenerate the Makefile so that actually the new generated collation are properly installed
Remove Big5HKSCS entries from mtree
Remove leftover from Big5HKSCS removal
Import sqlite3-3.12.1 (3120100)
Import sqlite3 3.12.1
Import libucl 0.8.0
Import libucl 0.8.0
Use the nitems() macro
Note that mklocale(1) and colldef(1) are no longer used
Check the returned value of memchr(3) before using it
Fix typo: actually test the return of strchr(3)
Fix bad checking of the return of realloc(3)
Plug leaks
Plug memory leaks
Plug various resources leak While here fix a test logic
Plug memory leak
Restore histrory messed up in r290620
Restore the original ascii.c from prior to r290494
Remove mroute6d rc script
Bump the date of the manpage after r298515
Add a savecore_enable variable support for the savecore rc script
import sdiff(1) from GSoC 2012
Add sdiff test directory to the tests mtree
When checking for binary file, check if ch is not EOF only ch actually got a value assigned

bcr (2):
The default value of MINFREE is defined to be 8% in ufs/ffs/fs.h and not 10%. The newfs(8) and tunefs(8) man pages had this change already, but fs(5) did not. This change makes it consistent again.
Define which of the username options (-u/-U) to jexec(8) is the default. Bump Dd.

bdrewery (42):
META_MODE: Support targets that already have .OBJDIR in them for META_COOKIE.
Revert r297833 which committed the wrong file
META_MODE: Support targets that already have .OBJDIR in them for META_COOKIE.
META_MODE: Avoid changed build command every build.
Document the behavior of NO_DIRDEPS/NO_DIRDEPS_BELOW.
Add some more content for WITH_META_MODE.
Remove misspelled and redundant MK_INSTALLIB=no.
The build does work now with WITHOUT_TOOLCHAIN.
Note the brokenness of WITHOUT_INSTALLLIB.
Simplify building libpam and fix libpam.a not containing the modules since r284345.
Build libpam modules in parallel.
Follow-up r284673: /usr/lib32/libc_pic.a is still installed, just not the profiled libs.
Define the *soft targets properly.
Mark some more .PHONY targets.
Rework META_TARGETS so that it automatically adds META_DEPS to the targets.
Follow-up r297835: Let the intented default cookie work.
Implement the dependency condition more safely.
META_MODE: Don't rebuild build-tools targets during normal build.
META_MODE: Pass along the default sysroot in bootstrap-tools to avoid rebuilds later.
META_MODE+filemon: Default -DNO_CLEAN enabled.
Set CPP from XCPP for the libcompat build.
Add SHLIB_CXX to allow building a C++ shared library without a static one.
META_MODE: Clean .meta files with 'make cleandepend'.
Follow-up r297842: Rework header generation to fix always rebuilding.
Cause an error during 'make install' if trying to compile with CC.
META_MODE: Disable during installworld and similar.
Follow-up r298220: Don't pass down META_MODE which will still enable it.
Update meta2deps to fix crash when using -X with M2D_EXCLUDES.
META_MODE: Don't hide the .depend rm -f command.
Follow-up r298219: Don't error with 'make all install'.
Add more missing .PHONY.
Fix 'make -n' for new packaging targets.
Remove redundant logic from the pkg-base merge.
Add more missing .PHONY
Fix unset variables from r298417.
Fix error when SRCCONF is empty.
WITH_META_MODE: Allow buildkernel to create .meta files with curdir==objdir.

bhd (1):
Remove redundant word.

bofh (1):
Add bofh@ in calendar.freebsd

br (20):
Unmagic the thread pointer offset.
Add optional chip_select/deselect methods. This is required when we want to keep CS asserted for multiple transfers.
Add driver for Xilinx AXI Quad SPI device. The device was found in lowRISC hardware.
Assert CS for single transfers.
Revert r298268 (Add optional chip_select/deselect methods). None of supported hardware do require that.
Correct the event queue initialization. This fixes operation on Rocket Core.
Add memory barriers (fence instructions) so the data wrotten by hardware to physical address now can be read by VA.
Clear the DDR memory. This should be done by bootloaders, but they have no such feature yet.
Revert r298477 ("Clear the DDR memory").
Do not setup machine exception vector.
o Implement shared pagetables and switch from 4 to 3 levels page memory system.
Move arm's devmap to some generic place, so it can be used by other architectures.
Add support for RISC-V.
Do not include fdt.h on RISC-V.
Add the implementation of OF_decode_addr().
Add the implementation of basic bus_space_read/write functions.
Add the non-standard "IO interrupt" vector used by lowRISC. For now they provide UART irq only.
o Add device tree files and kernel configuration files for RISC-V cpus synthesized on FPGA hardware. o Include new files to the build.
Rework the list of all pmaps: embed the list link into pmap.
Fix the parameter type according to method declaration. This fixes compilation on riscv with GCC 5.2.0

brd (3):
Fix a typo that was causing lines like the following in the METALOG:
Don't match on "version" when found as a value.
- Change all the names to their generic name since none of these need to be overridden and ends up overwriting output files. - For the descriptions that just say "TODO", switch to using %DESC% so the generic description is used.

brueffer (3):
Improve upon r296618 to keep lines Correct types for g_example_start() and g_example_access().
MLINK mfi.4 to mfi_linux.4 and mfip.4 to cover these kernel modules.

bz (5):
During if_vmove() we call if_detach_internal() which in turn calls the event handler notifying about interface departure and one of the consumers will detach if_bpf. There is no way for us to re-attach this easily as the DLT and hdrlen are only given on interface creation. Add a function to allow us to query the DLT and hdrlen from a current BPF attachment and after if_attach_internal() manually re-add the if_bpf attachment using these values.
Add more fields from struct ifnet needed during debugging a kernel panic. Move if_fib into the right place.
Fix NOIP kernels to compile.
Try to make gcc builds happy again by removing a redundant declaration.
Mark the unused period argument __unused.

cem (38):
Add a small tool, resizewin(1), to query terminal for window size
Add 4Kn kernel dump support
savecore(8): Explicitly cast to fix i386 warning
linprocfs: Don't print uninitialized values
linprocfs_doproclimits: Initialize error return before use
SRAT: Don't overflow domain_pxm table
nctgpio(4): Don't index past the end of sc->pins array
bpf_getdltlist: Don't overrun 'lst'
radix rn_inithead: Fix minor leak in low memory conditions
kern_rctl: Fix resource leak in error path
i915kms intel_pm: Read from actual tsc_freq instead of uninitialized local
aesni(4): Initialize error before use
Make Racct macro slightly more gracious given RACCT_UNDEFINED
drm2(4): Fix double-free in low-memory error path
i915kms: Fix memory leak if a CRT is detected
kgssapi(4): Fix string overrun in Kerberos principal construction
pty(4): Use strlcpy to guarantee destination buffer isn't overrun
kgssapi(4): Don't allow user-provided arguments to overrun stack buffer
sound(4): Don't use-after-free in midi module unload
sym(4): Don't double-free 'sim' in failure case
AMD64 pmap: Use howmany() macro
kgssapi: Don't leak memory in error cases
emu10kx: Don't iterate beyond array bounds
iwm(4): Don't dereference potentially NULL pointer before NULL check
osd(9): Change array pointer to array pointer type from void*
PCI Enhanced Allocation: Annotate an intentional switch fallthrough
radix_mpath: Don't derefence a NULL pointer in for loop iteration
aacraid(4): Fix some mostly trivial buffer overruns
iscsi_initiator(4): Fix use-after-free, double-free
ciss(4): Fix overrun of array
g_part_bsd64: Check for valid on-disk npartitions value
g_part_bsd64: Delete duplicate/dead code
tcp_usrreq: Free allocated buffer in relock case
in_lltable_alloc and in6 copy: Don't leak LLE in error path
netipsec: Don't leak memory when deep copy fails
subr_mbpool: Don't free bogus pointer in error paths
posix4_mib: Don't overrun facility_initialized array

cy (2):
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointer comparison.
Static pointers need not be initialized. MFC after: 4 weeks

davidcs (9):
1. Process tx completions in bxe_periodic_callout_func() and restart transmissions if possible. 2. For SIOCSIFFLAGS call bxe_init_locked() only if !BXE_STATE_DISABLED 3. remove code not needed in bxe_init_internal_common()
Add support for Flash Update
1. modify fwdump (a.k.a grcdump) memory is allocated and freed on as needed basis. 2. grcdump can be taken at failure points by invoking bxe_grc_dump() when trigger_grcdump sysctl flag is set. When grcdump is taken grcdump_done sysctl flag is set. 3. grcdump_done can be monitored by the user to retrieve the grcdump.
Fix build failure on i386. Need to typecast a bunch of variables to (uintmax_t)
Fix compilation error on i386
reversed commits r297916 r297909 r297898 due to i386 build failures.
1. modify fwdump (a.k.a grcdump) so that grcdump memory is allocated and freed on as needed basis. 2. grcdump can be taken at failure points by invoking bxe_grc_dump() when trigger_grcdump sysctl flag is set. When grcdump is taken grcdump_done sysctl flag is set. 3. grcdump_done can be monitored by the user to retrieve the grcdump.
Remove Unused/Dead Code
1. Removed -Wno-shift-negative-value from Makefile 2. Fixed warning its absence caused in bxe_elink.c

dchagin (4):
More complete implementation of /proc/self/limits. Fix the way the code accesses process limits struct - pointed out by mjg@.
Fix streams and svr4 module dependency. Both modules are complaining about undefined symbol svr4_delete_socket which was moved from streams to the svr4 module in r160558 that created a two-way dependency between them.
Allow to build svr4 module with SYSV support separatelly from the kernel build.
The iwm_nic_error() defined if IWM_DEBUG is defined.

delphij (10):
Apply upstream changesets 21f9d5f and 5c40ae1:
Vendor import of file 5.24.
Apply vendor changeset e64bdc5 to address FreeBSD bin/181436.
Vendor import of file 4.25.
Vendor import of file 4.26.
MFV r298178:
Fix tinderbox LINT build.
Fix build breakage introduced by r298253.
Vendor import of ntp-4.2.8p7.
MFV r298691:

des (2):
Split the packages target into stage-packages and create-packages to make it possible to roll new packages from an existing build without having to restage them.
Rename the signpackages target to sign-packages, and include it in the packages meta-target so 'make packages' now does everything.

dim (4):
Until it has been properly fixed upstream, apply a temporary workaround for LLVM PR 26999 (in some cases, -save-temps can cause an assertion failure in clang's -cc1as stage).
Revert r298147 (temporary workaround for LLVM PR 26999) in preparation for committing the final upstream fix.
Pull r266775 from upstream clang trunk (by Douglas Katzman):
Update from subversion 1.9.2 to 1.9.4.

eadler (5):
Remove pathnames.h - it only holds a single constant - it doesn't exist in the GNU variant
Rename units.lib -> definitions.units - this matches GNU units 2.12 add ISO country codes from units 2.12
Rename units.lib -> definitions.units - this matches GNU units 2.12 add ISO country codes from units 2.12
Remove which is a product of a bygone era.
Bring a little more compability with GNU units 2.12 - notionally support a 'history file' flag. This doesn't do much now, but is there to prevent scripts written against GNU units from breaking - correctly gracefully quit rather than exit (this will make it easier to support a history file in the future) - remove the "t" flag from fopen which was there to support windows. We have not supported windows since at the latest, the introduction of capsicum.

ed (2):
Remove unportable calls to basename().
Remove useless calls to basename().

emaste (13):
boot1.efifat: provide a fallback startup.nsh
boot1: regenerate FAT templates after r297871
Remove PS_STRINGS fallback from setproctitle
arm64: Avoid null dereference in its_init_cpu
arm64 libc: hide .cerror, .curbrk, .minbrk for WITHOUT_SYMVER
elfcopy: fix symbol table handling when sections come after symtab/strtab
Replace ${CURDIR}/../.. with ${CURDIR:H:H} in elftoolchain
elfcopy: map all !alnum characters to '_' in binary input symbol names
Update comment added in r298357
elftoolchain: Use ${SRCTOP} for the top of the FreeBSD tree
Adjust BOOTSTRAPPING test after MFC of kbdcontrol's -P option
ANSIfy fdescfs(5)
Rationalize license numbering in fdescfs(5)

fanf (1):
Example RIPE whois query with options and spaces.

gad (1):
Remove a variable and three lines of code which I should have removed as part of revision 98776 back on June 24/2002. Noticed by pfg@ trying coccinelle for checking code.

gjb (140):
Reintegrate head: r274132-r277384
MFH: r282615-r283655
Prefer https:// over http://.
MFH to r289370
Pass .MAKEFLAGS in the 'packages' target to allow parallel builds.
Prefer https in package URLs.
MFH r289372-r289382
MFH r289384-r293170
Fix svn:mergeinfo, and MFH a commit that was previously missed.
Do not implicitly invoke 'buildworld' as part of the 'packages' target.
Fix mis-merged LDADD/DPADD
Fix another mis-merge.
In 'create-kernel-packages', do not exit with an error if NO_ROOT is not set. The 'stageworld' target is invoked with -DNO_ROOT, so the metalog file(s) will be created regardless.
Copy packages/*.ucl files to the corresponding debug file after WITH_DEBUG_FILES was enabled by default.
Rename an incorrectly named debug package file.
Add debug.ucl and tests-debug.ucl, missed in a previous commit.
Add a package for jail(8) and related utilities.
Separate manual pages into their own package.
Add UCL file for release-manuals package, missed in previous commit.
Include architecture-specific manuals in the runtime-manuals package.
Create a rcmds package.
Create an acct package for accounting tools.
Fix an incorrect comment.
Create a package for amd(8) and related tools. While here, fix accounting rc script installation.
Create a package for apm(8).
Comment wordsmithing.
Ensure pkg(8) is bootstrapped, and avoid prompting for confirmation to install, in case the 'packages' target is run non-interactively.
Create a _pkgbootstrap target, and remove the env(1) prefix to pkg(8) commands.
Add a 'signpackages' target, which creates the pkg repository metadata files and uses the path of PKGSIGNKEY for signing, if set.
Add 'stagekernel' target, which invokes 'distributekernel' with -DNO_ROOT to create the METALOG mtree(8) file.
Fix naming for multiple kernels when building/packaging more than one.
Ensure mtree(8) recognizes chpass(1) is schg.
Restore the 'beforeinstall' for chpass(1), so files with the schg flag are handled before being replaced by a symbolic link.
Fix accounting package rc.d/accounting conflict.
Avoid excessively invoking 'pkg bootstrap' if already done.
Remove unused kernel/post-install file.
Reorder execution in the 'packages' target so both userland and kernel are staged before invoking the 'create--packages' targets.
Cleanup and organize etc/rc.d/Makefile. No functional changes.
Make sure 'pkg config ABI' uses ABI_FILE for the target.
Wrap long lines after recent commits.
Fix periodic(8) and rc(8) script inclusion to rcmds package.
Fix naming inconsistency with lib32 debug packages.
Create a package for vi(1) and related files.
Create a package for autofs(5)
Create ee(1) package.
Include virecover in vi package.
First pass to fix the 'tests' packages.
Fix build.
More 'tests' package fixes.
Fix another 'tests' packaging error.
More 'tests' bug fixes.
Fix build.
More 'tests' packaging fixes.
Final pass through to fix 'tests' packaging.
Initial commit to add dependencies.
Rework the way
.ucl files are generated. One of the major pain points with how this was implemented is the requirement of in-tree, hard-coded .ucl, as well as -.ucl where can be lib32, profile, development, debug, or any combination of the four.
Add FreeBSD RCSID header and svn:keyword property.
Fix typo: s/Conrol/Control/
Remove duplicate line, likely result of a mismerge.
First pass through library packaging.
Create a 'casper' package.
Add package files for libc, libedit, librtld_db, and libthr.
Mark shlibs_required/shlibs_provided lines as temporary, following brief discussion with bapt.
Silence a few command lines.
Update libalias and libpam packaged files.
Include and in the librtld_db package.
Capture a few stragglers that should be in the casper package.
Add missing files to 'at' and 'rcmds' packages.
Remove libc, librtld_db, libthr packages, and further increase the constraints on what needs to be installed in a specific to maintain consistency during upgrades.
Split /rescue into its own package.
Create a package for sendmail(8).
Add comment/description for clibs, rescue, and sendmail packages.
Add libexec/smrsh to the sendmail package.
Ensure include/ is properly tagged in the METALOG.
Create a package for HAST.
Add rmail to the sendmail package
Add rcp(1) to the rcmds package.
Explicitly add unmarked bin/ binaries to the runtime package. Note: tcsh(1) has a MK_TCSH=no test, so this should be a separate package, which requires pre-install/post-install scripts, to be added later.
Add logic to rotate the package repository, keyed on PKG_VERSION, and create a 'latest' symlink to the PKG_VERSION repository path.
Create packages for atm, ccdconfig, devd, ipf, ipfw, iscsi, natd, nandfs, pf, quotacheck, and routed.
Remove unnecessary env(1) invocations.
Explicitly add more files to the 'runtime' package.
Add devd and routed back to the runtime package instead of their individual packages based on MK_foo evaluation.
Include correct is*ct*l program in iscsi package, and package the legacy version separately.
Always include the kernel name in the resulting package. While functionally expected to be a no-op on big-iron hardware, embedded hardware (arm, mips) do not have a GENERIC kernel, so the KERNCONF value must be included in the package to avoid conflicting packages for the default kernel (RPI-B versus RPI2, for example).
Further subdir-ize WSTAGEDIR and KSTAGEDIR base on the TARGET/TARGET_ARCH value, since there are valid use cases for having multiple on any given system.
Set PORTSDIR if not already set.
Include a 'package-pkg' target, intended for use for architectures we do not provide upstream pkg(8) packages.
Set ALLOW_BASE_SHLIBS when creating base packages to enable shared library tracking.
Prefix lib32, profile, debug, and development packages with 'runtime-' for consistency with other packages.
Avoid adding the '-release' suffix to non-debug kernel packages.
Make WSTAGEDIR, KSTAGEDIR, and REPODIR configurable.
Fix errors packaging the base system when using non-default DESTDIR and MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX.
Avoid using DESTDIR in packaged-base targets, which can cause bizarre packaging failures with non-default OBJDIR and/or MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX and REPODIR set to a location not within OBJDIR.
Set explicit ordering to prevent packaging failures with parallel (-jN) make(1) jobs.
Remove svn:mergeinfo on files with which it should never have existed.
MFH (bogus svn:mergeinfo, no functional changes)
Merge the projects/release-pkg branch to head.
Remove the RCSID line from ntp_control.c, and set the fbsd:nokeywords property. This should have been done a while back (certainly before mergeing projects/release-pkg to head), but I fixed the merge conflicts and forgot to correct the real problem afterward.
Remove lib/libcapsicum and libexec/casper, brought back as part of a merge mishap.
Fix etcupdate(8) with rc.sendmail and devd/*. It turns out BIN1 and such in etc/* cannot use FILESGROUPS.
Add MK_AUTO_OBJ=no to ${MAKE} invocation if PKG_VERSION needs to be created to avoid creating ${.OBJDIR}.
Fix including Kyuafile in packaged base system.

gnn (1):
Add the address at which the routine returned.

gonzo (11):
Fix IIC "how" argument dereferencing on big-endian platforms
Multiple fixes in VCHI audio driver:
Fix UART3 and UART4 clock offsets.
Fix build for Pi kernels with syscons enabled
Force framebuffer virtual viewport to be the same as physical
Use proper type of tag in bcm2835_mbox_fb_init
Add dtb/zynq to generate dtb files for Zynq-based boards
Add dtb/zynq to the list of extra modules required by Zedboard
Refactor DTS files for Zynq-based SoCs
Add driver for AM33xx SoC touchscreen
Add FDT overlays support to ubldr

gordon (1):
Add myself (finally) to the port committer's dot file.

grehan (2):
Allow the location of the kernel source tree to be overridden. This makes it easier for the bhyve executable to be built out of the tree.
Don't use SYSDIR to avoid conflicts with existing usage. Also, use SRCTOP to locate the top of the source tree instead of a relative path.

hiren (1):
Fix the 'type' for a few variables from tcpcb.

hselasky (17):
Add missing port_up checks.
Ensure the received IP header gets 32-bits aligned.
Remove some unused fields.
Fix inverted priv check calls. Priv check returns zero on success and an error code on failure. Refer to man 9 priv_check .
Properly setup arguments for if_resolvemulti() callback.
Fix for resolving mac address when the destination address is a gateway. Remove some dead code while at it.
Fix for using IPv6 addresses with RDMA:
Add new USB quirk.
Add missing set of the current VNET when inputting IP packets in IPoIB.
Add KASSERT() and set error code in dead code case to help static code analysis tools.
Fix for printf() compile warning when fast_reg.length is 64-bit. Changing fast_reg.length to 64 bits is planned in the future. Krping uses 32-bit lengths internally.
More fixes for using IPv6 addresses with RDMA:
Add function needed for linking USB test application.
Build fix. Add howmany() and nitems() macros to bootloader kernel shim.
Add function to detect the presence of a port module and use this function to error out early when no port module is present and doing eeprom access. This also prevents error codes from filling up in dmesg.
Correct some error codes to native FreeBSD ones.
Regenerate usb.conf .

ian (1):
Align the start of the text segment to an 8-byte boundary. This fixes alignment aborts in ubldr.bin for RPi that started happening with clang 3.8 (earlier clang apparently didn't generate strd instructions that trigger the alignment fault). The abort happened in ubldr.bin and not ubldr (elf version) because the elf headers are 0xf4 bytes long, and stripping them off left everything 4-byte aligned.

imp (19):
Add comment about where b_iocmd and b_ioflags come from.
Deprecate using hints.acpi.0.rsdp to communicate the RSDP to the system. This uses the hints mechnanism. This mostly works today because when there's no static hints (the default), this value can be fetched from the hint. When there is a static hints file, the hint passed from the boot loader to the kernel is ignored, but for the BIOS case we're able to find it anyway. However, with UEFI, the fallback doesn't work, so we get a panic instead.
Bump bio_cmd and bio_*flags from 8 bits to 16.
New CAM I/O scheduler for FreeBSD. The default I/O scheduler is the same as before. The common scheduling bits have moved from inline code in each of the CAM periph drivers into a library that implements the default scheduling.
Add in missing files from r298002.
Add a comment about why the timeout for flush was lowered to 5s.
Add note about CAM I/O scheduler.
Create wrappers for uint64_t and int64_t for the tunables. While not strictly necessary, it is more convenient.
Use the new TUNABLE_INT64 to match the type of sbintime_t.
Add FCCT M500 to the NCQ black list. Linux added it in 4.2 (August 2015). Correct the M500 firmware versions. EU07 was the engineering test version, not the release version with the fix. MU07 is the release version. It's the only Micron firmware version to actually work. Remove support for EU07.
Add update.
Out of an abundance of caution treat * Samsung 843T Series SSDs (MZ7WD*) * Samsung PM851 Series SSDs (MZ7TE*) * Samsung PM853T Series SSDs (MZ7GE*) as known having broken NCQ TRIM support as they appear to be based on the same controller technology as the 840 and 850 series.
Put function only used by CAM_NETFLIX_IOSCHED under that ifdef.
Expand CAM_IO_STATS #ifdef to logical unit.
Dell has an OEM drive from Samsung that has issues. NCQ Trim isn't broken on this drive, but it doesn't support it and the fallback logic is failing. Quirk it until those issues can be resolved in a more generic way.
tag_action is not used at all in ata. It's set to 1 for ordered transactions, but that value isn't used. It's bogusly used to report in devstat, due to a cut and paste error from SCSI. Mark it as unused in cam_fill_ataio. Reclaim the memory as a new ata_flags. In addition, tag_id and init_id are completely unused, so reclaim those as 'unused' now too. These were needlessly copied when ata was split from scsi.
Implement Auxiliary register. Add PIM_ATA_EXT flag to flag that a SIM can handle it, and add the code to add it to the FIS that's sent to the drive. The mvs driver is the only other ATA driver in the system, and its hardware doesn't appear to support setting the Auxiliary register.
Do the intmax_t dance for debug so CAM_NETFLIX_IOSCHED builds on i386.
Add CAM_NETFLIX_IOSCHED to the build.

jamie (17):
Separate POSIX sem/shm objects in jails, by prepending the jail's path name to the object's "path". While the objects don't have real path names, it's a filesystem-like namespace, which allows jails to be kept to their own space, but still allows the system / jail parent to access a jail's IPC.
Separate POSIX mqueue objects in jails; actually, separate them by the jail's root, so jails that don't have their own filesystem directory also won't have their own mqueue namespace.
Clean up some style(9) violations.
Don't remove the /var/run/ file if a jail fails to start. This messes up ezjail (and possibly others), when attempting to start a jail that already exists.
Make jail(8) interpret escape codes in fstab the same as getfsent(3).
Remove the PR_REMOVE flag, which was meant as a temporary marker for a jail that might be seen mid-removal. It hasn't been doing the right thing since at least the ability to resurrect dying jails, and such resurrection also makes it unnecessary.
Add a new jail OSD method, PR_METHOD_REMOVE. It's called when a jail is removed from the user perspective, i.e. when the last pr_uref goes away, even though the jail mail still exist in the dying state. It will also be called if either PR_METHOD_CREATE or PR_METHOD_SET fail.
Pass the current/new jail to PR_METHOD_CHECK, which pushes the call until after the jail is found or created. This requires unlocking the jail for the call and re-locking it afterward, but that works because nothing in the jail has been changed yet, and other processes won't change the important fields as long as allprison_lock remains held.
Use the new PR_METHOD_REMOVE to clean up jail handling in POSIX message queues.
linux_map_osrel doesn't need to be checked in linux_prison_set, since it already was in linux_prison_check.
Note the existence of module-specific jail paramters, starting with the linux.* parameters when linux emulation is loaded.
Encapsulate SYSV IPC objects in jails. Define per-module parameters sysvmsg, sysvsem, and sysvshm, with the following bahavior:
Fix the logic in r298585: shm_prison_cansee returns an errno, so is the opposite of a boolean.
Redo the changes to the SYSV IPC sysctl functions from r298585, so they don't (mis)use sbufs.
Use crcopysafe in jail_attach.
Delay revmoing the last jail reference in prison_proc_free, and instead put it off into the pr_task. This is similar to prison_free, and in fact uses the same task even though they do something slightly different.
Clarify when happens when there is a "depend" parameter in jail.conf, and how this affects the "jail_list" option in rc.conf.

jhb (36):
Use DELAY() instead of sleeping during boot-time attach.
Add a function to lookup a device_t object by name.
Add a 'show t4 tcb ' command to dump a TCB from DDB.
Add a 'show t4 devlog ' DDB command.
Rename the 'M_B' macro in t4_regs.h to 'CXGBE_M_B'.
Enable DEVICE_NUMA with up to 8 domains by default on amd64.
Expose doreti as a global symbol on amd64 and i386.
Handle PBA that shares a page with MSI-X table for passthrough devices.
Add a new PCI bus interface method to alloc the ivars (dinfo) for a device.
Add a test for cancelling an active AIO request on a socket.
Always emit an error message on passthru configuration errors.
Add a wrapper for evaluating _OSC methods.
Invoke _OSC on Host-PCI bridges.
Queue the CPU-probing task after all acpi_cpu devices are attached.
Adjust the fdc worker thread startup to work when APs are started earlier.
Optionally return the output capabilities list from _OSC.
Add a new rescan method to the bus interface.
Implement a PCI bus rescan method.
Add 'devctl delete' that calls device_delete_child().
Fix PCI bus detach to delete child devices.
Add a pcib_attach_child() method to manage adding the child "pci" device.
Add a bus_null_rescan() method that always fails with an error.
Fix build for systems without PCI_RES_BUS.
Adjust prototypes for NUMA-related functions to match the style of the rest of this file.
Trim redundant message.
Remove a stale reference to the removed RF_TIMESHARE flag.
Document PCI_RES_BUS as a possible resource type.
Add some notes about the implicit resource mapping for activated resources.
Only count CPU devices that are using the ACPI CPU driver.
Don't require write locks on the VM object for vm_page_prev/next.
Introduce a new protocol hook pru_aio_queue.
Expose soaio_enqueue().
Remove vestiges of IEEE-488/GPIB drivers removed in r276214.
Move 'device pci' for the PCI bus driver to the MI NOTES file.

jhibbits (7):
Restructure device mappings for Book-E.
VM_MAXUSER_ADDRESS is highest page start, not highest address.
Add fman and dpaa fixups for powerpc fdt
Fix SMP booting for PowerPC Book-E
Zero the newly allocated spinlock.
Init static compiled-in env when no metadata present.
OR in the unsigned form of the MCAR lower register.

jilles (4):
sh: Fix some unquoted variables in tests.
sh: Simplify code by removing variable bracketed_name.
sh: Write LINENO value to stack string directly.
mail: Don't truncate mtime of mailbox to microseconds.

jkim (15):
Import ACPICA 20150818.
Import ACPICA 20150930.
Import ACPICA 20151124.
Import ACPICA 20151218.
Import ACPICA 20160108.
Import ACPICA 20160212.
Import ACPICA 20160318.
Remove query flag from acpi_EvaluateOSC(). This function does not support return buffer (yet).
There is no need to use array any more. No functional change.
Prefer sizeof(*pointer) over sizeof(type). No funtional change.
Import ACPICA 20160422.
Merge ACPICA 20160422.
Fix build without ACPI_DEBUG.
Revert AccessWidth/BitOffset support for AcpiHwWrite() and AcpiHwRead() for now. The following upstream commits are reverted from hwregs.c:

jmcneill (5):
Replace the A20 kernel config with a generic ALLWINNER kernel config that supports A20, A31, and A31S. Adds support for the BananaPi M2 (A31S) board.
Add support for Allwinner A31/A31S R-GPIO (CPUs-PORT) controller.
Add support for 8-bit eMMC.
Fix calculation of LCD CH1 SCLK1 output frequency when SCLK2 /2 is used as source.
Set txbuf_map array size to TX_DESC_COUNT instead of RX_DESC_COUNT.

jtl (1):
Prevent underflows in tp->snd_wnd if the remote side ACKs more than tp->snd_wnd. This can happen, for example, when the remote side responds to a window probe by ACKing the one byte it contains.

kib (10):
If off-page lookup failed, there is no memory to perform shared_mutex_init() upon.
Avoid NULL pointer dereference, for a process which is not (yet) a member of a process group, e.g. during the system bootstrap.
Sync cam.ko module source list with the static kernel file list.
Always calculate divisor for the counter mode of LAPIC timer. Even if initially configured in the TSC deadline mode, eventtimer subsystem can be switched to periodic, and then DCR register is loaded with unitialized value.
Add x86 CPU features definitions published in the Intel SDM rev. 58.
Fix rdrand_rng.ko and padlock_rng.ko dependencies, making modules loadable when not compiled into the kernel.
Add hw.dmar.batch_coalesce tunable/sysctl, which specifies rate at which queued invalidation completion interrupt is requested with regard to the queued invalidation requests. In other words, setting the value of the knob to N requests completion interrupt after N items are processed. Existing behaviour is restored by setting hw.dmar.batch_coalesce=1.
The struct thread td_estcpu member is only used by the 4BSD scheduler. Move it to the struct td_sched for 4BSD, removing always present field, otherwise unused for ULE.
Fix umtx lock/trylock for compat32.
Arm and arm64 both have fueword() implemented for some time. Correct the comment.

kp (1):
msdosfs: Prevent buffer overflow when expanding win95 names

lme (3):
- Add descriptions to most of the rc scripts. Those are mostly taken from their daemon's manpage and probably improved. - Consistently use "filesystem" not "file system".
- Add two new subcommands to rc.subr: "describe" shows an rc script's description "extracommands" shows an rc script's non-standard commands like "reload", "configtest", "keygen", etc - Update the rc(8) manpage and the tcsh(1) completion examples to reflect these changes
Fix duplicate "name" variable that sneaked in with the rc description commit.

loos (7):
Make pfctl(8) more flexible when parsing bandwidth values.
Do not overwrite the dchg variable.
Replace with .
Add Codel to NOTES.
Add PCI ID for family 10h model 30h to amdtemp(4).
Use GPIOTOGGLE to toggle the pin state instead of read, modify and write.
Fixes the comment to reflect the code.

manu (4):
Add myself as src commiter.
Convert A10 interrupt controller to INTRNG
Add support for the Non-maskable interrupt driver found in the Allwinner A20 and A31 SoCs. This is normally used for the PMU.
ACK the interrupt after disabling it, this avoid an interrupt storm.

marius (1):
Since r296250 it is no longer possible for devices to use bus space addresses exceeding 32 bit, so bump BUS_SPACE_MAXADDR to 64 bit. The whole situation is sub par, though; prior to r296250 and despite what their names imply, BUS_SPACE_MAX* were primarily, even almost exclusively used for bus_dma(9). Now these macros also have a vital role for bus_space(9). However, it does not necessarily hold that both bus DMA and space addresses universally have the same limits per platform. As for sparc64, 64 bit clearly is beyond what can be addressed via the various IOMMUs. With this change in place, we now rely on the parent bus DMA tags of the host-to-foo drivers causing the child tags to be capped as necessary.

markj (12):
Initialize DTrace hrtimer frequency during SI_SUB_CPU on i386 and amd64.
Initialize SDT probes during SI_SUB_DTRACE_PROVIDER.
nextboot(8): add a -a option for appending to a configuration.
Implement support for boot-time DTrace.
libdtrace: Add a missing unlock to an error handler.
Include -a in the nextboot(8) usage string.
Make the second argument of dtrace_invop() a trapframe pointer.
Fix the description of the first two arguments to proc:::create.
Use a loop instead of a goto in sysctl_kern_proc_kstack().
Add a kern.dtrace.err_verbose sysctl to control dtrace_err_verbose.
Allow DOF sections with excessively long probe function components.
Increase DTRACE_FUNCNAMELEN from 128 to 192.

mav (16):
Add couple new constants from SPC5r08.
MFV r297760: 6418 zpool should have a label clearing command
Polish debugging IOCB dumping.
Update 25xx chips firmware from 7.03.00 to 8.03.00.
MFV r297831: 6322 ZFS indirect block predictive prefetch
Add couple missing memory barriers.
Reimplement ISP_TSK_MGMT IOCTL via asynchronous request.
Allocate separate DMA area for synchronous IOCB execution.
Switch isp_getpdb() to synchronous IOCB DMA area.
Make all CT Pass-Through (name server requests) asynchronous.
Respect NVRAM topology settings on 24xx and above chips.
Filter Port Database Changed notifications.
Add hint.ahci.X.quirks tunable for some odd cases.
Remove watchdog timer stop check.
Extract virtual port address from RQSTYPE_RPT_ID_ACQ.
Simplify memory allocation for NS requests.

mmel (4):
GPIO: Add support for gpio pin interrupts. Add new function gpio_alloc_intr_resource(), which allows an allocation of interrupt resource associated to given gpio pin. It also allows to specify interrupt configuration.
INTRNG: Define 'INTR_IRQ_INVALID' constant and use it consistently as error indicator.
ARM: Use kernel pmap as intermediate mapping in context switch. On ARM, we can directly switch between translation tables only when the size of the mapping for any given virtual address is the same in the old and new translation tables. The load of new TTB and subsequent TLB flush is not atomic operation. So speculative page table walk can load TLB entry from new mapping while rest of TLB entries are still the old ones. In worst case, this can lead to situation when TLB cache can contain multiple matching TLB entries. One (from old mapping) L2 entry for VA + 4k and one (from new mapping) L1 entry for VA.
TEGRA: Add interrupt support for Tegra GPIO controller.

netchild (1):
Quote variable for architectures where we have more than one linuxulator (32/64bit) and as such may have a space between both linuxulator locations.

ngie (37):
Fix appending -O0 to CFLAGS
Disable fmaxmin_test when compiling it with clang 3.8.0
Clean up trailing whitespace in lib/libcam; no functional change
Commit documentation change for r298012
Regenerate the list of supported variables
Fix typos (intenral -> internal) in comments
Set test_argv to NULL, not 0, if not executing a specific test
Minor cosmetic cleanup
Fix leaks and test for getpagesize() returning == -1
Remove trailing whitespace and use `nitems(mib)` instead of `2` when calling sysctl(3)
Fix issues identified by Coverity
Make sure fmemopen succeeds in :test_append_binary_pos before calling ftell on the FILE object
Fix double fclose of `fp1` when freopen fails
Don't leak fd on sectorsize malloc failure
Fix coverity issues with contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/sys/t_connect.c
Fix coverity issue with contrib/netbsd-tests/lib/libc/ssp/h_read.c
Completely disable fmaxmin_test (follow up to r297952)
Don't leak `string` in parse_define(..) when a macro has been found and the parser token != TOK_ASSIGN
Simplify always evaluated branch (`e != NULL`)
Don't use `entry` after free in the "already in lists" case
Don't try to free `string` (stack allocated char[])
Return `ret` in op_ifentry(..) to mute a -Wunused-but-set-variable warning
Add FEATURE knob for testing for UFS extended attribute kernel support
Use `sizeof(*uuser)` instead of `sizeof(struct usm_user)` for consistency with the rest of the users in the file
Fix up pointer issues with lib/libkvm
Fix looking for "UTC" at start of ptr by using strnmp instead of improperly unrolled equivalent
Fix up r298368
Use a better idiom for finding UTC prefixed timezones
Fix va_list handling
Remove logically impossible test in scsidoinquiry(..)
Fix memory allocation edgecases in kvm_argv(..)
Remove kvm_getfiles(3)
Remove a -Wunused-but-set-variable variable -- `pa`
Don't leak PML4 in _amd64_initvtop(..) if kvm_read2(..) fails
Allow FILESGROUPS to be specified more than once by pruning out duplicates

novel (1):
Update the bhyve(8) man page:

np (5):
cxgbe(4): Provide an explicit value for nqpcq in the firmware configuration file.
cxgbe(4): Always read the entire mailbox into the reply buffer.
Add fastreg support to krping (ported from upstream).
cxgbe(4): Always dispatch all work requests that have been written to the descriptor ring before leaving drain_wrq_wr_list.
Send krping output to the log instead of the tty, as is done upstream.

obrien (1):
Give Phil and easy to use import script.

oshogbo (1):
Set NULL to the ai_next pointer which fix cap_getaddrinfo(). Add regression test case.

peter (4):
Vendor import sqlite-3.8.5 (sqlite-autoconf-3080500), minus tea/*
Import sqlite3- (3081101)
Turn ssh_host_dsa_key back on until PR#208254 is taken care of.
Fix incorrect permissions for /etc/rc.d/sendmail in fallout from release-pkg merge.

pfg (135):
ixl(4): replace 0 with NULL for pointers.
libfetch: replace 0 with NULL for pointers.
libpam: replace 0 with NULL for pointers.
libedit: replace 0 with NULL for pointers.
sh(1): replace 0 with NULL for pointers.
USB: replace 0 with NULL for pointers.
libc: replace 0 with NULL for pointers.
ufs: replace 0 with NULL for pointers.
Cleanup unnecessary semicolons from the kernel.
lpr: replace 0 with NULL for pointers.
ext2fs: replace 0 with NULL for pointers.
rcp(1): replace 0 with NULL for pointers.
libc: cleanup unnecessary semicolons.
libc: cleanup unnecessary semicolons (part 2).
Replace 0 with NULL for pointers in misc. device drivers.
bootpd(8): De-register and minor cleanups.
Restore some comments in previous commit.
fsck_ffs for pointers replace 0 with NULL.
fmt(1): reformat with indent(1).
fmt(1): for pointers use NULL instead of 0
libvgl: do not initialize static storage.
libgssapi: avoid NULL pointer dereferences.
x86: for pointers replace 0 with NULL.
RPC: for pointers replace 0 with NULL.
isa/pnp: for pointers replace 0 with NULL.
risc-v: for pointers replace 0 with NULL.
libpcap: fix for simple NULL pointer dereference.
ofed: for pointers replace 0 with NULL.
sparc64: for pointers replace 0 with NULL.
netpfil: for pointers replace 0 with NULL.
powerpc: for pointers replace 0 with NULL.
mips: for pointers replace 0 with NULL.
arm: for pointers replace 0 with NULL.
netinet: for pointers replace 0 with NULL.
kern: for pointers replace 0 with NULL.
g_gate: for pointers replace 0 with NULL.
compat/linux: for pointers replace 0 with NULL.
ddb: for pointers replace 0 with NULL.
fs misc: for pointers replace 0 with NULL.
sys/net* : for pointers replace 0 with NULL.
Cleanup unnecessary semicolons from utilities we all love.
libc: make some more use of the nitems() macro.
rexec(3): use NULL instead of zero for pointers.
libbluetooth: use NULL instead of zero for pointers.
libstand: use NULL instead of zero for pointers.
ftpd: replace malloc + memset 0 with calloc.
rbootd: use NULL instead of zero for pointers.
libipsec: use NULL instead of zero for pointers.
Re-use our roundup2() macro instead of reinventing the wheel.
Reuse our roundup2() macro instead of reinventing the wheel.
rtld-elf: use NULL instead of zero for pointers.
fsck_msdosfs: use NULL instead of zero for pointers.
dump: use NULL instead of zero for pointers.
rtld-elf: use our roundup2() macro when param.h is available.
restore: use our roundup2/rounddown2() macros when param.h is available.
dev/usb: use our nitems() macro when param.h is available.
dev/agp: use our nitems() macro when it is avaliable through param.h.
sys/dev: use our nitems() macro when it is avaliable through param.h.
X86: use our nitems() macro when it is avaliable through param.h.
sys/boot: use our nitems() macro when it is available through param.h.
kernel: use our nitems() macro when it is available through param.h.
libc: use our roundup2/rounddown2() macros when param.h is available.
Use our nitems() macro when param.h is available.
Minor indentation issue.
Indentation issues.
Remove unused e500_event_codes_size.
Remove unused SMB_DIALECT_MAX macro.
siba(4): remove slightly used 'bound' variable.
Remove slightly used const values that can be replaced with nitems().
sys: use our nitems() macro when param.h is available.
Redundant parenthesis from r298431.
sys: use our roundup2/rounddown2() macros when param.h is available.
Yet more redundant parenthesis from r298431.
kernel: use our nitems() macro when it is available through param.h.
Cleanup redundant parenthesis from existing howmany()/roundup() macro uses.
ext2_htree_release(): prevent signed integer overflow in a loop.
regex: prevent two improbable signed integer overflows.
patch(1): avoid signed integer overflow when debugging.
Adjust a type from r267490.
fsck_ffs: Adopt some type safety for the journalling checks.
ifconfig: prevent some improbable signed integer overflows.
dev/random: use our roundup() macro instead of re-implementing it.
libc: make more use of the howmany() macro when available.
libstand: make more use of the howmany() macro when available.
libcuse: make more use of the howmany() macro when available.
ext2fs: make use of the howmany() macro when available.
ddb: Make use of our roundup() macro when available.
ed(1): switch two statements so we check the index before dereferencing.
sys/powerpc: make use of the howmany() macro when available.
sys/arm: make use of the howmany() macro when available.
sys/boot: make use of the howmany() macro when available.
sys/dev: extend use of the howmany() macro when available.
sys: extend use of the howmany() macro when available.
fsck_ffs: Revert partially the unsigned changes.
fsck_ffs: Revert partially the unsigned changes.
geom: unsign some types to match their definitions and avoid overflows.
cam: unsign some types to match their definitions and avoid overflows.
ndis(4): unsign some indexes to prevent overflows.
sys/devfs: unsign an index to prevent signed integer overflow.
ipdivert: Remove unnecessary and incorrectly typed variable.
ndis(4): it's rather unrealistic to expect a size_t here.
Small typos.
Small typo.
sys/geom: spelling fixes.
NFS: spelling fixes on comments.
bufs: make B_DIRTY and B_PERSISTENT flags available
x86bios_alloc(): Unsign a counter.
UFS: spelling fixes on comments.
fs/ext2fs: spelling fixes on comment.
sys/fs: spelling fixes in comments.
sys/ddb: spelling fixes in comments.
sys/geom: spelling fixes in comments.
sys/cam: spelling fixes.
sys/cam: spelling fixes in comments.
sys/netgraph: spelling fixes in comments.
sys/kern: spelling fixes.
sys/kern: spelling fixes in comments.
sys/boot: spelling fixes in comments.
x86bios: spelling fix in a comment.
ndis: spelling fixes in comments.
sys/compat/linux*: spelling fixes.
libc: spelling fixes.
boot/forth: spelling fixes.
sys: Make use of our rounddown() macro when sys/param.h is available.
include: minor spelling fixes.
powerpc: Make use of our rounddown() macro when sys/param.h is available.
sbin: minor spelling fixes.
powerpc: Replace rounddown() from r298856 with roundup().
fdisk: drop unused macro and make use of roundup()/rounddown().
restore: use our howmany() instead of reinventing the macro.
restore: fix memory leak.
sbin: use our howmany() macro when available through .
sbin: ake use of our rounddown() macro when sys/param.h is available.
restore: drop casts for calloc().
restore: fix resource handle leak.

phil (14):
Tag libxo 0.4.5
Import libxo 0.4.6
import libso 0.4.6
Tag libxo 0.4.6
import libxo 0.4.6
add "svn up" after tagging
Merge libxo 0.4.6
add FreeBSD header to copied files
Import libxo 0.4.7
Tag libxo 0.4.7
import libxo-0.4.7 Fix bug w/ {e:} in html, where no default encoding format was built docs: "t" == "trim" (typo) (cf svn commit: r290445 - head/contrib/libxo/libxo)
Import libxo 0.6.0
Tag libxo 0.6.0
Import to 0.6.1 0.5.0: document "trim" modifier add xo_emit_field functions Add xo_set_file{,_h} functions Fix LIBXO_* variables; add -L and -I as needed add --disable-silent-rules and an explicit make; s/PACKAGE-NAME/PACKAGE_NAME/; add /download/ to 'url' fix silliness where xo_flush_h emitted closing tag (html); make the caller (xo_message) do it flush after transitions; fix flush call in xo_do_emit mkdir the version-specific packaging dir use "XO_" instead of LIBXO_

pluknet (1):
Fixed indentation, minor style.

rmacklem (4):
Bruce Evans reported that there was a performance regression between the old and new NFS clients. He did a good job of isolating the problem which was caused by the new NFS client not setting the post write mtime correctly. The new NFS client code was cloned from the old client, but was incorrect, because the mtime in the nfs vnode's cache wasn't yet updated. This patch fixes this problem. The patch also adds missing mutex locking.
If the VOP_SETATTR() call that saves the exclusive create verifier failed, the NFS server would leave the newly created vnode locked. This could result in a file system that would not unmount and processes wedged, waiting for the file to be unlocked. Since this VOP_SETATTR() never fails for most file systems, this bug doesn't normally manifest itself. I found it during testing of an exported GlusterFS file system, which can fail. This patch adds the vput() and changes the error to the correct NFS one.
Fix a LOR in the NFSv4.1 server.
Allow the NFSv4 server to reply NFSERR_WRONGSEC for the SetClientID operation.

royger (1):
busdma/bounce: revert r292255

rrs (2):
This cleans up the timers code in TCP to start using the new async_drain functionality. This as been tested in NF as well as by Verisign. Still to do in here is to remove all the old flags. They are currently left being maintained but probably are no longer needed.
Complete the UDP tunneling of ICMP msgs to those protocols interested in having tunneled UDP and finding out about the ICMP (tested by Michael Tuexen with SCTP.. soon to be using this feature).

rwatson (1):
When attempting to satisfy mmap() requests for superpage alignment on 64-bit MIPS, use superpage rather than physical-segment constants, or we may improperly fail to apply suitable alignment -- yet still allow mmap() to appear to succeed.

sbruno (5):
Correct possible underflow conditions when checking for available space in the tx h/w ring buffer.
hptmv(4) Fix potential buffer overflow in hpt_set_info.
Plug memory leak in ctl(4) when ctl_copyin_args() is called with a non- null terminated ASCII string.
aacraid(4): Sanely copyin userland pointers and ensure that we don't get anything janky from a user. (cturt)
Avoid a possible heap overflow in our nlm code by limiting the number of service to the arbitrary value of 256. Log an appropriate message that indicates the hard limit.

schweikh (1):
Cosmetics: - no need to escape the newline after '|' - parenthesize the "case" string for symmetry and improved search for matching paren (e.g. with vi's %)

scottl (5):
Add scsi_cdb_sbuf() for handling CDB strings. Reimplement scsi_cdb_string() in terms of it.
Use scsi_cdb_sbuf() inside of scsi_command_string now that the temporary string storage is no longer needed.
Add sbuf variants ata_cmd_sbuf() and ata_res_sbuf(), and reimplement the _string variants on top of this. This requires a change to the function signature of ata_res_sbuf(). Its use in the tree seems to be very limited, and the change makes it more consistent with the rest of the API.
Add a devctl/devd notification conduit for CAM errors that happen at the periph level. When a relevant error is reported to the periph, some amplifying information is gathered, and the error and information are fed to devctl with the attributes / keys system=CAM, subsystem=periph. The 'type' key will be either 'error' or 'timeout', and based on this, various other keys are also populated.
Update the devd.conf man page to describe the new CAM/periph system/subsystem.

se (1):
Fix typo (forgotten "=" after desc).

sephe (50):
hyperv/vmbus: Nuke unused function
hyperv/vmbus: Get rid of max_leaf detection; this is actually not used.
hyperv: Identify Hyper-V features and recommends properly
hyperv: Resurrect r297481
hyperv: Declare hyperv_{features,recommends} properly
hyperv: Break long line
hyperv: Print more features
hyperv: Define macro for Hyper-V interface
hyperv/hn: Cap default # of rings to 8.
hyperv/hn: By default enable multiple TX/RX rings, aka vRSS.
hyperv/hn: Remove unnecessary NULL checks
hyperv: Typo
hyperv: Replace 0 w/ NULL
hyperv/vmbus: Merge duplicated version check for events
hyperv: device_get_softc does not return NULL
hyperv: Deprecate HYPERV option by moving Hyper-V IDT vector into vmbus
hyperv/stor: Temporary disable the wrongly done command timeout.
hyperv/vmbus: Put multi-channel offer logging under bootverbose
hyperv/stor: Use xpt_done_direct() upon I/O completion
hyperv: No need to zero out softc
hyperv/hn: Hide ring to channel linkage message under bootverbose
hyperv: Remove two assign-only local variables
hyperv/vmbus: Make device probe/attach synchronous w/ vmbus attach/SYSINIT
dhclient: Log a warning instead of bailing upon "illegal" options
hyperv: Update copyright to 2016 for the files Microsoft changed in 2016
hyperv/et: Make Hyper-V event timer a device.
hn: Increase odrops for if_transmit method if drbr_enqueue fails.
hyperv/hn: Allow users to configure ifq or bufring depth.
hyperv/et: Strip extra white space in function name
hyperv/channel: Remove the unnecessary 'new' flag
hyperv/channel: Minor style changes; no functional changes.
hyperv/channel: Remove unapplied comment
hyperv/channel: Log a warning about duplicated primary channel offer
hyperv/channel: Add functions to synchronize sub-channel offers
hyperv/hn: Synchronize sub-channel offers
hyperv/stor: Remove the useless hs_open_multi_channel
hyperv/stor: Synchronize sub-channel offers
hyperv/hn: Avoid sub-channel creation callback.
hyperv/stor: Avoid sub-channel creation callback.
hyperv/channel: Git rid of the sub-channel creation callback
hyperv/stor: Set description properly in probe devmethod
hyperv/hn: Change description to "Hyper-V Network Interface"
hyperv/hn: Restart sending earlier once we gathered some free TX descs
hyperv/hn: Remove unapplied comment.
hyperv/hn: Mark sysctls MPSAFE
hyperv/vmbus: Mark sysctls MPSAFE
hyperv/hn: Add stat for # of chimney sending tries
tcp/lro: Fix typo.
tcp/lro: Fix more typo
tcp/syncache: Set flowid and hash type properly for SYN|ACK

sgalabov (25):
Define PCI_RES_BUS for MIPS.
Move Mediatek/Ralink PCIe to NEW_PCIB
In order to build a kernel with one of these configs the user should do the following:
Remove unneeded initialization in mtk_xhci.c
Mediatek/Ralink: Get our drivers closer to OpenWRT dts definitions
Make mx25l compatible with jedec,spi-nor as well
Change the fdt_static_dtb.S dependency
Import Mediatek/Ralink dtsi patches against OpenWRT dtsi files
Make NIRQ configurable for MIPS
Add support for boot arguments specification via fdt
Import Mediatek/Ralink dts files from OpenWRT
Allow RT3350 CPU clock to be detected as part of RT3050/RT3052 detection
Change OpenWRT imported dtsi files
Include resets and clocks properties for PCI in FreeBSD RT3883 dtsi file
Modify mx25l FDT compatible device handling
Introduce OpenWRT compatible pinctrl driver for Mediatek/Ralink SoCs
Rework mtk_gpio_v1 driver
Add compat strings used by OpenWRT to some Mediatek/Ralink drivers
Rework Mediatek/Ralink configuration files
Minor pinctrl fixes for Mediatek/Ralink
Introduce palmbus for Mediatek/Ralink SoCs
Use cpu_establish_hardintr in mtk_intr_gic
Reduce the FreeBSD specific DTS files for Mediatek/Ralink
Remove uart_dev_mtk_ns8250

sjg (2):
Update et al
Allow -f some/dir with no TARGET_MACHINE spec

skra (3):
Add four functions which check a virtual address for stage 1 privileged (PL1) and unprivileged (PL0) read/write access. As cp15 virtual to physical address translation operations are used, interrupts must be disabled to get consistent result when they are called.
Don't use atomic operations for page table entries and handle access and R/W emulation aborts under pmap lock.
Fix duplicate TLB entries issue during section promotion/demotion. Such situation is defined as UNPREDICTABLE by arm arm manual.

skreuzer (1):
Document r296417, clang, llvm, etc. updated to upstream 3.8.0

smh (2):
Only include sysctl in kernel build
Only include sysctl in kernel build

sobomax (4):
o Fix handling of images with compression block sizes comparable to MAXPHYS.
Improve performance in a few key areas:
GC duplicate define.
Relax TOC offsets checking somewhat, allowing offset pointing to the next byte past EOF to denote zero-block(s) at the very end of the file.

swills (1):
Try harder to find svn

trasz (7):
Make the usage() mention the -u option added in r295212.
Fix overflow checking.
Sort variable declarations.
Allocate RACCT/RCTL zones without UMA_ZONE_NOFREE; no idea why it was there in the first place.
Fix debugging printf.
Mention fsck_ffs -E in tunefs(8). It's non-obvious that one should use it after enabling TRIM.
Get rid of rctl_lock; use racct_lock where appropriate. The fast paths already required both of them, so having a separate rctl_lock didn't buy us anything.

tuexen (18):
When processing an ICMP packet containing an SCTP packet, it is required to check the verification tag. However, this requires the verification tag to be not 0. Enforce this. For packets with a verification tag of 0, we need to check it it contains an INIT chunk and use the initiate tag for the validation. This will be a separate commit, since it touches also other code.
Refactor the handling of ICMP/IPv4 packets for SCTP/IPv4.
When delivering an ICMP packet to the ctlinput function, ensure that the outer IP header, the ICMP header, the inner IP header and the first n bytes are stored in contgous memory. The ctlinput functions currently rely on this for n = 8. This fixes a bug in case the inner IP header had options. While there, remove the options from the outer header and provide a way to increase n to allow improved ICMP handling for SCTP. This will be added in another commit.
Allow the handling of ICMP messages sent in response to SCTP packets containing an INIT chunk. These need to be handled in case the peer does not support SCTP and returns an ICMP messages indicating destination unreachable, protocol unreachable.
Fix the ICMP6 handling for SCTP. Keep the IPv4 code in sync.
Remove a left-over debug printf().
Don't use anonymous unions.
Cleanup debug output.
Put panic() calls under INVARIANTS.
Fix a warning about an unused variable.
Fix signed/unsigned warnings.
Address issues found by the XCode code analyzer.
Remove a function, which is not used anymore.
Don't use the control argument after calling sctp_add_to_readq(). This breaks the userland stack. There should be no functional change for the FreeBSD kernel stack. While there, use consistent variable nameing.
Use correct order of source and destination address and port.
Add support for handling ICMP and ICMP6 messages sent in response to SCTP/UDP/IP and SCTP/UDP/IPv6 packets.
Don't assign, just compare...
Add the UDP encaps port as a parameter to sctp_add_remote_addr().

wblock (5):
Remove a link to the CTM section of the Handbook, which no longer exists.
Fix markup on "\n" in printf so it renders correctly.
Add the kern.vt.enable_bell sysctl, which was not documented previously. Minor additional punctuation and wording changes.
Add a single example of adding a user that roughly corresponds with the adduser example in the Handbook.
Clarify build(7) instructions for alternate object directory.

wma (4):
Fix MFS symbol redefinition with clang 3.8.0
Fix KGDB backtrace on ARM
Add missing function prototypes in KGDB
Revert r298357