secadm 0.2.1 Released

We've released a new version of secadm, aiming to fix a number of bugs. The ports entry has been updated. Alternatively, you can download the tarball here and the GPG signature here.

ChangeLog is as follows:

  • Fixes for the rc.d script
  • Having multiple rules with the same path errors out
  • Intelligently figure out where secadm binary is in the rc.d script
  • Backport to 10-STABLE. Please note that 10-STABLE does not include the crypto bits needed for Integriforce. Thus, Integriforce isn't available for 10-STABLE.
  • Fixes for building on 32bit systems
  • Make the path mandatory in the kernel<->userland interface
  • If no configuration file is specified, default to /usr/local/etc/secadm.rules