First Experimental OPNSense Images With HardenedBSD

One month ago, we announced we were teaming up with OPNSense to provide HardenedBSD-flavored versions of their project. Work started with backporting our work from 11-CURRENT to 10-STABLE. We worked with Franco Fichtner, one of three people currently on the OPNSense core team, to enhance their build scripts. We received hardware donations from Netgate and Deciso. We fixed a number of bugs in secadm and backported Integriforce to 10-STABLE. This month sure has been a busy one.

We're excited to announce today the availability of the first experimental build of OPNSense based on top of HardenedBSD. It features every one of our great exploitation mitigation features and is built with Integriforce baked right in. Most of the network-aware applications are compiled as Position-Independent Executables (PIEs). Please note that since this is our first ever experimental build, we have not worked out binary upgrade paths just yet. You will likely need to do reinstalls for future builds. You can backup your configuration prior to reinstallation and restore the configuration post-installation.

There are two flavors for download: a generic build and a build for the Netgate RCC-VE 4860. The generic build will work on most standard appliances. The Netgate RCC-VE 4860 has a special build due to needing custom serial console settings. If you're not using the Netgate RCC-VE 4860, the generic build is for you.

You can find the builds here. Please note that these builds are experimental. They are not meant for production use. But that still hasn't stopped us from using it in production, since we like to eat our own dogfood. ;)

UPDATE 11 Jun 2015 05:39 EDT: OPNSense has mirrored the generic builds here.