LibreSSL in HardenedBSD Base

A few months ago, we added Bernard Spil to the HardenedBSD team with a goal to bring in and maintain LibreSSL in base. Given the effort involved in maintaining such a complex piece of software, we at HardenedBSD have made the decision to keep it as a feature branch in the playground repo for now. Those who wish to check out Bernard's awesome, hard work can check out the repo here. We will soon start auto-syncing that feature branch on our normal six-hour cycle and we will produce periodic binary updates. As of today, the first binary update has been published. You can use this hbsd-update.conf file to tell hbsd-update to switch to the LibreSSL branch. If you wish to compile your own version of HardenedBSD with LibreSSL base, you will need to add WITH_LIBRESSL=yes to src.conf.

We would like to thank Bernard for volunteering. He has been a tremendous help. Here is a teaser screenshot.