hbsd-update now installing Integriforce ruleset

We are excited to announce the ability to easily utilize Integriforce with base. From now on, hbsd-update(8) will install a full Integriforce ruleset as /etc/secadm.d/base.integriforce.rules for base. If you include this file in your normal secadm.rules(5) ruleset, you will get full integrity enforcement on all executable files in base. If you include the applications from ports/packages in your secadm.rules(5) file, you can turn on whitelisting mode, in which case, all executable files that aren't protected by Integriforce will be denied execution. If you only utilize applications from base, you can turn on whitelisting mode and get the same results.

Using the Integriforce ruleset is entirely optional, but highly recommended.

An example secadm.rules file might look something like this:

secadm {
    pax {
        path: "/usr/local/lib/firefox/firefox",
        pageexec: false,
        mprotect: false

    .include "/etc/secadm.d/base.integriforce.rules"