Announcing the 2018 donation run!

We've just published our goals for 2018. We've got a number of new goals planned, some that require new infrastructure. In 2018, we plan to migrate at least 90% of our infrastructure to a single data center in addition to expanding out existing infrastructure.

In addition to the enhancements to the HardenedBSD project itself, here's what we'd like to do with regards to hardware:

  • New nightly build server. Our current nightly build server is aging. It's constantly building HardenedBSD 24/7. We need to replace or augment this server with a newer, more powerful one. $5,000 USD
  • A ThunderX2 server. We have a SoftIron OverDrive 1000, with which we use to build arm64 packages. Building packages on it takes a minimum of two weeks. We need to cut that time to less than one week. $9,000 USD
  • Colocation of servers. We've received a few quotes from a few different providers, and each provider has quotes us around $5,000/year to host our services. In order to colocate our servers, we need to pay a year's worth of hosting in advance. $5,000 USD

HardenedBSD has grown significantly over the past couple years. We are now at the point where filing for 501(c)3 not-for-profit status is advantageous. Once we are granted 501(c)3 status, future donations will become tax deductible. Our accountant has estimated around $2,000 USD in fees. With the hardware, this brings us to a total of $21,000 USD. We plan to split up the donation run into two six-month sprints of $10,500 USD each sprint.

We're always grateful and appreciative of everyone contributes to HardenedBSD.