HardenedBSD -STABLE Updates

We at HardenedBSD maintain three repositories for base:

  1. HardenedBSD/hardenedBSD (aka, main repo): This repo is used for official development.
  2. HardenedBSD/hardenedBSD-playground (aka, playground repo): This repo is used for highly experimental code. It may contain code from external sources.
  3. HardenedBSD/hardenedBSD-stable (aka, stable repo): This repo is used to generate installation media. We review each commit prior to pushing to this repo.

As of 05 Apr 2018, binary updates and packages for 11-STABLE and 10-STABLE are built using repo #1 above. However, most people use installation media generated from repo #3 above. The stable repo moves less frequently than the main repo. This can cause issues with how frequently the main repo moves. Most of our users who run 11-STABLE or 10-STABLE update packages frequently, but not the base operating system.

In two weeks from the initial publication of this post (19 Apr 2018), we will switch binary updates and the package repo for 11-STABLE and 10-STABLE to use the stable repository. We do not expect this change to negatively affect our users. In fact, we expect this switch to better suit our users' needs. Users will not need to perform any action as this change should happen transparently.

Binary updates and packages for -CURRENT (aka, hardened/current/master) will still use the main repository.