Happy Holidays From HardenedBSD

We at HardenedBSD would like to wish the community a happy end to 2019 and a joyful beginning to 2020.

Just today, we finished putting all the pieces in places to migrate away from GitHub. HardenedBSD's build infrastructure is now fully self-hosted. We plan to make the repos on GitHub read-only by the end of January.

We will still maintain a presence on GitHub. The repos will still live on at GitHub. However, they will be a read-only mirror of our self-hosted source-of-truth repository at git-01.md.hardenedbsd.org.

Going forward, please file bug reports and pull requests at our Gitea server: https://git-01.md.hardenedbsd.org/

We will likely make a more appealing subdomain (perhaps git.hardenedbsd.org) later. We'll keep everyone updated if/when we do.

We will update our site accordingly soon. Happy holidays and we hope the community enjoys this little end-of-year gift. :-)