HardenedBSD April 2021 Status Report

In April, HardenedBSD added a new developer named Loic! Loic is primarily focused on cleaning up old cruft in the HardenedBSD project and fixing bugs. It's my hope that, with time and increasing familiarity, he takes on more complex projects. Please join me in a warm welcome.

Just yesterday (30 Apr 2021), I set up the new 12-STABLE/amd64 nightly build server. After months of being offline, we are now building 12-STABLE every night again. I also updated all the servers/VMs/jails in our infrastructure.

I taught hbsd-update how to force IPv4 or IPv6. We now support the typical "-4" and "-6" options that most network applications support.

secadm is having issues right now. We're investigating the right fix. So, if you use secadm for toggling exploit mitigations, you'll probably want to use hbsd-control for now.