HardenedBSD March 2022 Status Report

We made some cool progress in March. Though I, Shawn, am writing this report, I'll refer to myself in the third person for the rest of the report. :-)

In src:

  1. Shawn reverted a potential LPE race condition in ZFS introduced by OpenZFS. Only 14-CURRENT was affected.
  2. Shawn merged in zlib's CVE-2018-25032 fix.
  3. Shawn enabled -ftrivial-auto-var-init=zero in base clang by default. This now means we don't need to pass in any compiler flags to support this feature. All ports that rely on the system compiler will now automatically benefit.
  4. FreeBSD introduced a change that enables dumpon to use the underlying non-encrypted swap device when encrypted swap is used. Shawn reverted this change since users who choose to encrypt their swap encrypt it for a reason--HardenedBSD should proactively protect users by respecting their encryption preferences.
  5. Loic found and fixed an issue with the linuxulator in HardenedBSD, with the default stack permissions.
  6. Coming up soon: sponsored work by BlackhawkNest, Inc that provides support in base for (more) easily building HardenedBSD 13-STABLE based versions of OPNsense. This is in the hopes to provide the wider community with the ability to produce their own builds. Some of this work has landed in a special feature branch.

In ports:

  1. In tandem with src change #3, Shawn modified the ports tree to rely on the system compiler's application of -ftrivial-auto-var-init=zero. There's no need to apply that feature via CFLAGS injection.
  2. Loic removed `stackautoinit:off` USE_HARDENING flag from a very large number of ports. This was a huge lift and his work on this is very much appreciated. He and Shawn worked a lot on this.
  3. Ibrahim Kaikaa (Mr.UNIX) has helped fix a number of ports. We still have a number of outstanding merge requests that I need to verify.


  1. The HardenedBSD GitLab server had a drive failure. I had already planned to rebuild the pool from a bunch of older 1TB spinning rust drives to a bunch of 2TB SSDs. The drive failure accellerated the pool rebuild, which completed successfully.
  2. After a large number of months of downtime, our arm64 package building server has come back online! We're now building 14-CURRENT/arm64 packages.
  3. After src change #3 landed, all of the build infrastructure servers were updated.

Cool projects:

  1. Loic released an unofficial livecd of HardenedBSD that boots into XFCE[0]. I've started the discussion with him to convert that from from an "unofficial" project to an "official" one. :-)

Special notes:

  1. As a reminder, support for HardenedBSD 12-STABLE will be delegated to the community. As such, binary updates and package builds will cease. The hardened/12-stable/master branch will no longer be auto-synced.
  2. Please remember to let us know if you have any thoughts to share on whether HardenedBSD should support the linuxulator by 15 Apr 2022.
  3. Please remember to let us know if you have any thoughts to share on the proposed changes to the default sshd configuration[1].

[0]: https://groups.google.com/a/hardenedbsd.org/g/users/c/QUTUJfm30Dg/m/0VNK...
[1]: https://git.hardenedbsd.org/hardenedbsd/HardenedBSD/-/merge_requests/60