HardenedBSD May 2022 Status Report

In May 2022, HardenedBSD saw a few changes.

In src:

  1. chroot(2) is now prohibited when a directory file descriptor is opened.
  2. The HARDENEDBSD-NODEBUG kernel configuration was updated to remove a few more debugging-related options.
  3. Loic merged a lot of updates to 13-STABLE, especially regarding hbsd-update.

In ports:

  1. LTO is now disabled for the firefox port.
  2. The virtualbox ports were fixed by Loic.
  3. net/opennx port is fixed.
  4. Loic fixed devel/mingw32-gcc
  5. Loic fixed devel/bmake

Other projects:

Recent changes in FreeBSD caused breakages with secadm. Shawn fixed secadm by complying to those ABI/API-breaking changes made by FreeBSD.