Upcoming HardenedBSD Infrastructure Changes

On Sunday, 27 Nov 2022, we will be temporarily taking down the HardenedBSD development and build infrastructure. We are working to find a new home for it and will be working those details out over the next few months.

We provide a read-only mirror of src and ports at GitHub:

src: https://github.com/HardenedBSD/hardenedBSD
ports: https://github.com/HardenedBSD/ports

Here are the short-term physical infrastructure changes:

1. GitLab will (hopefully) be brought back up within one week.
2. The Tor Onion Service endpoints will be brought back up at around the same time.
3. The nightly build server will be taken offline for an extended period of time until we find a new home for it.
4. The binary update server will be taken offline and brought back up at around the same time as the nightly build server.
5. The package building servers will be taken offline for an even more extended period of time. We encourage our community to learn how to use Poudriere to build their own packages.

Here are the short-term infrastructure policy changes:

1. Once the nightly build server is back online, we will no longer produce nightly builds. We will likely build twice per month on a bi-weekly schedule.
2. We will do the same for the binary update server. We will do our best to pair the hbsd-update builds with the bi-weekly builds to keep our users more in-sync with what is installed versus the latest update artifact.

If you know of a hosting provider within a two to four hour drive of Baltimore, Maryland, USA that would host our infrastructure for free with at least one public IPv4 address, please reach out. As a reminder, all donations--whether that's funding, equipment, services, or otherwise--are eligible for tax deductions in the US.

In full, our infrastructure takes around 24U, but we can get around with 16U. The physical infrastructure changes outlined above would be around 5U worth of equipment.

We appreciate the continued help and support from the community. HardenedBSD's continued success is enabled by the many generous ways in which the community contributes to the project.

Please reach out to me (shawn.webb@hardenedbsd.org and/or foundation@hardenedbsd.org) if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.