HardenedBSD September 2023 Status Report

The HardenedBSD 14-STABLE build infrastructure is back online. A new package build is running. I apologize for the outage, and I appreciate the patience.

My wife and I are investigating some potential opportunities to purchase a home and plant our roots in Colorado. There is a chance we might significantly accelerate our plans at purchasing a home, moving the date from around June 2024 to even potentially November or December 2023. Should things go the way I'm thinking they might, the downtime for the HardenedBSD infrastructure would be limited to a single weekend, perhaps even a single Saturday.

We would like to ask for more public mirrors. Please reach out to netops@hardenedbsd.org if you would like to mirror our installation media and OS update artifacts. This may be especially useful in case we find unexpected dead trees in the metaphorical forest of purchasing a new-to-us home.

In HardenedBSD's src repo:

  1. A conditional in the virtual memory subsystem pertaining to our PaX NOEXEC-inspired strict W^X implementation. I suspect there may be one or two more conditionals to double-check.
  2. The output provided by the `newvers.sh` build script should be more correct.

In the ports tree:

  1. First-time submitter Shion Yorigami provided a fix for lang/gcc-aux.
  2. Shion Yorigami provided a fix for security/py-cryptography.
  3. Shawn Webb patched ports-mgmt/poudriere-hbsd to take into account the hardening of the vfs.lookup_cap_dotdot and vfs.lookup_cap_dotdot_nonlocal sysctl nodes.
  4. ports-mgmt/pkg is now built with PIE and LTO.
  5. devel/boost-libs now builds.
  6. math/symengine now builds.
  7. The default version of llvm in ports was bumped from 15 to 16. Because we build base system libraries with LTO, the default minimum ports llvm version needs to match the base llvm version.

Additional infrastructure info: the rsync service was moved to a new VM to account for the additional 14-STABLE build artifacts. I hope to deploy the Tor Onion Service endpoints for the 14-STABLE build infrastructure this week.

I also worked a bit on hbsdfw, forward-porting the changes to its HardenedBSD 14-STABLE feature branch. I'm still hoping to get a new build out soon-ish, but it is indeed taking longer than I originally anticipated.

We still have a number of ports that are broken, graphics/sane-backends being broken prevents editors/libreoffice from building. I'm hoping we can get some help from the community in fixing broken ports. I really appreciate those who contribute, no matter the form of contribution--code patches, advocacy, funding, documentation, etc. It's all equally important and very much appreciated.