HardenedBSD June 2024 Status Report

This status report covers the last few days of May along with June. At the tail end of May, I spoke at BSDCan about HardenedBSD. The video recording has been posted. Note that some of the audio recording equipment experienced some issues during the presentation, so there's a few missing minutes at around the 17:05 mark. I'm grateful for the opportunity to speak and for everyone who worked behind-the-scenes to make that a possibility. The presentation slides can be found at in our GitLab.

While the source tree was relatively quiet this month, the ports tree saw a lot of work:

  1. New ports for the Radicle project. The ports use the codename of the core Radicle repo known as heartwood:
    • net-p2p/heartwood-cli
    • net-p2p/heartwood-httpd
    • net-p2p/heartwood-node
    • net-p2p/heartwood-remote-helper
    • net-p2p/heartwood-tools
    • net-p2p/heartwood (metaport that installs all the above).
  2. First-time patch submitter Fabien Amelinck of the VultureOS project fixed the build of the hardenedbsd/secadm port
  3. Fabien Amelinck fixed an ignore condition in the kmod framework (kmod.mk)
  4. Fabien Amelinck fixed the build of the OpenJDK-related ports
  5. A new port was introduced: sysutils/vm-bhyve-hbsd. This is a soft fork of the vm-bhyve project. The aim is to import a few pull requests/patches from the community, starting with p9fs support.
  6. The security/keepassxc port was taught the concept of flavors, with the lite flavor disabling certain features: AUTOTYPE, BROWSER, FDOSECRETS, KEESHARE, NETWORKING, and SSHAGENT. Of course, the default flavor keeps the default options enabld.
  7. 0x1eef added a new port: hardenedbsd/sourcezap, which can help manage a local copy of the HardenedBSD source tree.

The HardenedBSD Foundation has the following update:

The HardenedBSD Foundation is now available as a listed charity at Fidelity Charitable.

A new PO Box was established in Colorado. This is our new shipping/mailing address:

The HardenedBSD Foundation
PO Box 31063
Colorado Springs, CO 80931

If you decide to send anything to our PO Box, please let us know beforehand so we know to expect a delivery. The HardenedBSD Foundation's email address is: foundation@hardenedbsd.org.