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Reasearch Outreach:

BSDMag: (HardenedBSD, Boosting FreeBSD Security)

BSDniR: (HardenedBSD набирает обороты)

BSDNow: (original interview) (hardening procfs and linprocfs) (a.out and null mapping support removal) (integriforce) (secadm improvements) (opnsense + hardenedbsd) (removing linux emulation) (pcbsd tries hardenedbsd) (stack randomization) (completion announced)

Linux format: (HardenedBSD 12)

Phoronix: (HardenedBSD: The Latest BSD Project That Aims To Boost Security)

Random: (PS4 jailbreak) (HardenedBSD: версия FreeBSD с улучшенной безопасностью) (Проект HardenedBSD представил первый выпуск инструментария secadm) (HardenedBSD:安全加固的FreeBSD)

Slashdot: (HardenedBSD Completes Strong ASLR Implementation)