Package Building Infrastructure Maintenance

HardenedBSD is growing, thanks to our donors. We've built a new server and thanks to a generous donation, we have a hosted second server. One server is generating nightly builds (our Jenkins instance) and the other is a development workhorse and is responsible for our package building. Our old server took 3.5 hours to do a buildworld+buildkernel just for amd64 and around 75-80 hours for a package build for amd64. Our new server takes 3.5 hours to do a buildworld+buildkernel+release for amd64, i386. and beaglebone black and does a package build in around 50 hours. The core team and the developers at HardenedBSD would like to thank all who have donated (and those who will donate in the future). Read on to learn our plans for our package repos.


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